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OSE: tecnología para una nueva sociedad ecológica, autoconstruida y en código libre

Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a organization that seeks to empower millions of people around the world by creating all the machinery and systems required to build a society from the ground up, while putting the costs within reach of the average person. 

OSE has been collaborating with leading design specialists in the alternative energy space for the last year in an effort to create one of the first energy self-sufficient micro houses of its kind. The organization plans to achieve this by using advanced solar technology that continually stores energy and then distributes it year round when needed. OSE is also collaborating with specialists that have created innovative energy conversion units that provide the electrical needs to power the micro-homes, which is fueled by inexpensive, locally sourced materials. OSE will employ a hydronic woodstove for additional heating needs for its next micro-house in their upcoming workshop. By using one or more of these technologies, outside energy requirements will be little to none.

OSE’s micro-houses utilize Compressed Earth Block (CEB) construction, which extracts much of the building material needed for the home from the site itself and their Extreme Manufacturing (XM) technique. Both XM & CEB construction methods make OSE’s Micro-Homes one of the most cost efficient and robust available. OSE continues to demonstrate that superior quality housing can be achieved, while maintaining expenditures to only a fraction of conventional construction methods.

“Our vision is to provide high quality homes that the average person can afford, avoiding burdensome mortgage payments. Imagine a world with little to no mortgage/rent or utility costs—we see this as a significant step towards personal freedom”, says Marcin Jakubowski, OSE Founder

OSE’s goal is to reduce the duration of construction by a factor of 20 compared to industry standards, at ⅓ the cost of conventional housing. The XM design process involves a rapid parallel swarm workflow with 48 people using simple-to-follow documentation created with Agile and Waterfall methods prior to build. The Micro-House XM 4 design is built on the experience of the last 3 iterations to produce the most ambitious – level of completion – build of a 762 sf home using test-driven open source techniques and equipment.

OSE strongly believes that by publishing and sharing all of its material, several positive effects are produced: Open source lets anyone and everyone contribute to the advancement of a concept, directing more brainpower to accelerate innovation on any specific challenge. When using this method, competitive waste is replaced with collaboration, which can lead to superior results. Open source also circumvents our inefficient distribution system. By providing online access to simple, easy to follow plans for DIY machinery that could be made locally, the need for shipping is greatly reduced.

GVCS (Global Village Construction Set): is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts. We’re developing open source industrial machines that can be made at a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free

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